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                【 字体:
                2012-06-24 06:25:06  阅读次数:6834 次
                     会上,中美两国学生分别做了简原来单的自我介绍,艾校长代表盈佳国际致欢迎词。他首先向美国学生介绍↘了我校的基本情况㊣和办学特色,并强调,“加强国际交流←,彰显特色,接轨国际,是营给出了个主意口高中发展的动力和目标。美国学生友好交流团的到来,为我校进一步加大〒对外开放,不断提高教育质量拓宽了渠道。我们愿意※与美国杰克逊维尔市的朋友和教育工作者一起携起↘手来,把我们的孩子培养成有着广博学识的高素质人Ψ 才。”
                     有交流才有思想的碰撞,有交流才有深度的反思。此次交流活动,对于ζ 建立两校互访,进◇一步拓展视野、更新观念,促进我校走上内涵性发展︽的快车道有着深远意义。
                Students Came To Our School From Jacksonville, USA
                       On the afternoon of June 20, a party of six students led by Ms Li Yan came to Yingkou Senior High School for an eight-day visit from Duval County, Jacksonville, USA.
                     At 16:30 the welcoming ceremony was held in the conference room of our school.  Ms Han, director of the Foreign Affairs Office, Ms Cong section Chief of FAO,  Ai Ping, Principal of our school, Zhang Degeng, Deputy principal and other relevant staff attended the meeting, as well as the students assuming the task of receiving the foreign students at their homes and their parents. The ceremony was presented by Principal Zhang.
                     At the ceremony, Chinese and American students introduced themselves to each other briefly. Mr Ai delivered the welcoming speech on behalf of the staff of Yingkou Senior High school. He firstly introduced the school and its characteristics. Then he stressed, “It is our goal to reinforce international communication and highlight our characteristics. The arrival of the student delegation from Jacksonville will certainly further our opening up and broaden the channels of communication. We’d like to join hands with the educators from Jacksonville to turn out more outstanding students.”
                     Communications between two different educational systems can bring about reflection of our way of education. This exchange activity will have a profound effect on our further development. Based on it, we can visit each other more to broaden horizons and renew the idea, thus accelerating the developing speed of our school.
                                                           Reported by Ma Kexin